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June 1, 2020

Plan With Confidence During COVID-19

Everyone in the wedding & event industry is rescheduling their entire summer calendar at the moment and we are heartbroken for all of our amazing couples. We know it’s a crazy, unprecedented time, but we want you to be able to plan with confidence because love is worth celebrating!

Bride & Groom

To help you push forward with planning, we launched a Virtual Showcase where you can preview the band and discover the range of our music selection. Treat it like a real showcase and cozy up with a glass of champagne. We always say Live Showcases are a fun night out, so why not make the Virtual Showcase a group activity by sharing it with family and friends!

With all the uncertainty right now, we’re offering Free Flexible Date Bookings when you finalize your band booking before June 30, 2020. If your date gets moved, no problem! We’ll waive our rescheduling fee. Plus, we never cancel! You can see more details here.

Live music is so important to an event and the atmosphere and energy it creates is essential for a memorable celebration. With our customizable band sizes and new small event specials, you won’t miss out on great music! From a 3-14 piece band, we offer options for every vision and budget. Plus, our new reduced event size options include special offers for Ceremony or Cocktail performances, DJ Services, and DJ+Musician Hybrids.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on throwing the party of your dreams. We’re here to walk you through the planning process and to help make your vision a reality. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to get started on your booking!